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Chaplains in Wonderland: Narrative Medicine and the Reframing of Out-Patient Spiritual Care

Presented by Anne M. Windholz, MDiv, PhD, BCC


Thursday, September 19, 2019

Program Summary
Indebted to physician and literary scholar Rita Charon, the field of narrative medicine has achieved international recognition for promoting patient-centered care in 21st-century medical schools. While chaplains have long championed the power of a patient’s story to effect change in teller and listener, the practice of narrative medicine has implications for how plot, characterization, and narrative technique might become tools of spiritual assessment and interdisciplinary collaboration. This webinar will focus on how chaplains can use literary analysis to help patients identify their spiritual and healthcare goals and how intervention site (hospital/clinic/home) and medium (face-to-face/ telephone/skype) affect patient-chaplain interactions and storytelling.

Program Objectives By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:
  1. Understand what narrative medicine is and how it functions in patient-clinician relations
  2. Gain tools for analyzing how setting impacts / reframes the chaplain's role in a patient's storyline
  3. Consider strategies for effectively entering patient space/place, both in the outpatient "real" world and within the patient narrative

About the Presenter Dr. Anne M. Windholz holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Colorado, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in English from the University of Illinois-Urbana. Twenty years a college and university professor, Dr. Windholz earned her Master of Divinity from Catholic Theological Union-Chicago in 2012 and was board certified by APC in 2016. Active for over a decade in out-patient hospice ministry as both direct-care volunteer and professional chaplain, she currently serves as Spiritual Care Leader/Staff Chaplain at Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Dr. Windholz brings to chaplaincy a commitment to the power of story and the use of narrative technique in spiritual assessment inspired by Rita Charon’s work in Narrative Medicine. Recipient of fellowships from the Andrew W. Mellon foundation and the National Endowment for the Humanities, she has published in New Theology Review, Vision, U.S. Catholic, and St. Anthony Messenger. She was one of 7 Chaplain Interventionists in the national 2018-19 Ascension Health research study, “Chaplaincy on Demand: Out-patient Spiritual Care with Congestive Heart Failure Patients” (Meuhlhausen and Peacock) and is a respondent in the forthcoming Chaplains as Partners in Medical Decision Making: Case Studies in Healthcare Chaplaincy (Ed. Wirpsa and Pugliese).

NACC Certification Competencies Covered by the Webinar: PPS7, PPS10, OL3


September 2019 Webinar Fact Sheet (participants) (The Fact Sheet contains call-in instructions and numbers)
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Webinar recordings


September 19, 2019 recording