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NACC Special Webinar
The NACC and You: Bringing Your Gifts to Leadership

Presented by NACC Leaders


Thursday, April 11, 2019

Program Summary
This webinar will provide the participants an overview of the NACC with its governance structure, and the diverse committees, commissions, and panels that require our NACC members’ leadership, as well as the certification opportunities of interviewers and Interview Team Educators (ITE). The intent of this workshop is to provide the participants both an understanding of the diverse opportunities for leadership to support and advance the NACC’s mission and vision. This interactive exchange will allow time for you to reflect upon and discern where and how you might be able to offer your gifts in service of your fellow members and the profession of chaplaincy.

This free webinar will provide 2 CEHs (90 minutes for the webinar plus 30 minutes preparation time).

NACC Certification Competencies Covered by the Webinar: ITP2, PPS1, PPS2, PPS3, PPS9, PPS10, OL1, OL2, OL3, OL4


April 11 2019 Webinar Fact Sheet (participants) (The Fact Sheet contains call-in instructions and numbers)
NACC and You 2019
The NACC and You 2019_3 slides per page
2019 Time and Talents volunteer program

CEH certificate

April 11 2019 webinar CEH


Webinar recordings


April 11, 2019 recording