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Webinar Materials and Recording

Renewal of Certification with the NACC


Presented by the NACC


Thursday, July 29, 2021 – 12:00 Noon – 1:30 PM Central Time


This webinar will provide participants with an overview of the renewal of certification process and documentation. The webinar will also provide a forum for answering questions about the NACC renewal of certification. This free webinar will be presented by members of the NACC Certification Commission. The webinar is offered live or as a recording.

2 Continuing Education Hours will be awarded for participating in this webinar (live or via recording).


2021 NACC Chaplain Renewal of Certification (rev 7-2021) (6 slides per page)


2021 NACC Chaplain Renewal of Certification (rev 7-2021) (2 slides per page)

Q & A from the webinar

Can you submit all the materials electronically due to the mail issues? Renewal materials can be submitted by mail or by email to

What happened if you paid your renewal fee and want to extend certification? If you decide that you need to request an extension and have prepaid your renewal fee, please reach out to the NACC National Office (414-483-4898 or and we can provide you options for handling the prepaid fee. Please do this by early December.

What code for Webinars? A = if you ‘attended’ the webinar as part of the initial audience (live) M = if you listened to the webinar as a recording

For advanced Certification, is the hours required in education related to that advanced certification part of the 50 hours per year required or in addition to those hours? The hours related to the advanced certification are part of the 50 hours required yearly.

If you volunteer for Professional Advisory committee for ACPE program at Catholic hospital for NACC certification of candidates does that count? Volunteer service can be counted IF it is volunteer service to the NACC (which was of an education value). If you were assisting an applicant applying for NACC certification you can count that time. You can count up to 15 hours per year in volunteer service to the NACC and it is coded as a “V”.

Is there any limitation to the number hours that can be reported for faith sharing groups? No, there is no limitation in place.

Where do you find a peer review person? You can access the member directory on the NACC website or you can contact the NACC national office to request their assistance with a listing of potential reviewers.

If you hold a specialty or advanced certification, you will need to have someone with that same certification be your peer reviewer OR someone with experience in that specialty. Contact the NACC office to get a specific listing of those members who have the same certification as you.

Can a letter of recommendation be from your deacon instead of pastor? The letter needs to be from your pastor or a priest in active ministry within your Diocese of ministry.

Is the Safe Environment training verification only necessary if a person ministers with minors, or for everyone? Safe Environment training requirements are set by the Diocese where you minister. Each Diocese has different requirements. Contact your Diocese to find out what the requirements are.

Do you need to add the certification of attendance forms, if you have them, with your Education Form? No supportive certificates are required to be submitted.

If I submit in December and my materials will be reviewed in early 2022, will my certification still be valid until the process is complete? As long as you meet your deadline for submitting materials (December 31) your certification will remain in effect while the review process and endorsement process are handled. There is NO lapse in certification. If you require documentation for your employer that you are still certified, you can request a letter from the NACC be sent on your behalf.

I had my certification interview in April but was certified by the Commission in July. When can I start counting hours? Your certification is not official until the Commission votes on the recommendation of your interview team. You can start counting hours once your certification is complete (the Commission has voted). Your notification packet (certificate) will note the date of the ‘vote’/approval.

Do you need one Peer Reviewer or two? One peer reviewer is required.

If this is my first renewal process and I am retiring, what does that mean for my renewal process? If you wish to maintain your certification in retirement you are required to still complete a renewal process every five years. The renewal application fee for the process is waived. The NACC does have the “reduced requirements” renewal process for retired certified to follow, but you must first meet two requirements: 1) have been certified at least five years and 2) have completed at least one renewal process.

If you are encouraged to participate in a presentation at your workplace but not mandated to do so, can this be counted as an educational event? If you feel the presentation content is educational for your ministry as a chaplain, and it is NOT required by your workplace, then you may count it for the renewal or certification.

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Renewal of Certification with the NACC -- July 29, 2021


CEH Certificate

CEH Certificate