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Spiritual Care for Palliative Patients

Presented by Matthew Jacobson, MDiv BCC


Thursday, June 28, 2018

Program Summary
This presentation serves as an interactive exploration of providing collaborative spiritual care which encourages interdisciplinary support for patients receiving palliative care support. We will review the roles of spiritual care and professional chaplaincy for the relief of suffering according to the Clinical Guidelines of the National Consensus Project as instruments of accompaniment for patients with serious or life-limiting illness. We will explore spiritual needs of patients, potential spiritual care interventions, and hopeful outcomes of providing spiritual care for palliative care patients.

Program Objectives
By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:
  1. Articulate a definition of palliative care.
  2. Describe a framework for spiritual assessment that is useful for palliative care interdisciplinary teams.
  3. Recognize the potential outcomes of quality spiritual care.
About the Presenter
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June 28 2018 Webinar Fact Sheet (participants) (The Fact Sheet contains call-in instructions and numbers)
The Spiritual Care of Palliative Patients (updated June 29)
The Spiritual Care of Palliative Patients_3 slides per page

CEH certificate

CEH certificate (all 2018 webinars) (PDF)

Webinar recordings

June 28, 2018 recording